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iAsk is an Enterprise Search Engine that utilizes Generative AI to provide accurate, context-driven responses and tailored insights for users' search queries. It simplifies the search process and enhances information access across organizations.
iAsk employs robust security protocols to protect your organization's data integrity and confidentiality. It offers access permissions to control who can access specific information, reliable security measures, and audit trails and logging for transparency and accountability.
Yes, iAsk seamlessly integrates with external systems, enhancing its functionality and adapting to your organization's needs. It effortlessly connects with outside platforms and scales infinitely using containerized technology such as Docker and Kubernetes.
iAsk's Crawler is a proprietary technology that scans and indexes your organization's documents in their repositories, capable of handling up to petabytes of data. This enables users to search for the indexed content later using the iAsk platform.
Yes, iAsk provides real-time updates on how your data is being indexed, allowing you to monitor the Crawler's progress. It also offers search analytics to gain insights into search patterns, helping refine your data strategies.
iAsk automatically syncs file updates and permission changes, ensuring that everything remains current. It keeps access rights up-to-date and synchronizes document modifications, so you always have access to the latest information.
iAsk stands out by offering enhanced search capabilities through Generative AI, providing context-driven responses and tailored insights. It seamlessly integrates with your existing systems, offers insightful analytics to refine your data strategies, and ensures data security and confidentiality.
iAsk is designed to grow with your organization, adapting to increased data demands effortlessly. It utilizes containerized technology like Docker and Kubernetes to enable infinite scalability, ensuring that it can handle your organization's expanding needs.
Yes, iAsk supports deployment in air-gapped environments, ensuring that your organization's data remains secure and isolated from external networks. This option provides an additional layer of security for organizations with stringent data protection requirements.
Absolutely. iAsk offers flexible deployment options, allowing you to host it within your own environment or ecosystem. This enables you to maintain full control over your data and ensures that iAsk integrates seamlessly with your existing infrastructure and security measures.
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