Redefining Enterprise Search

Redefining Enterprise Search

iAsk: Your Ultimate AI-Powered
Work Assistant

Search Securely & Seamlessly Across All Your Organization’s Information Repositories


Increased Productivity

Empowering Federal and Commercial Enterprises
with Cutting-Edge Generative AI

Elevating Productivity and Engagement for Top Companies with iAsk’s Intelligent Search

Powering Productivity using Generative AI

Elevating Work Efficiency Through Intuitive Search and Seamless Integration

Simplified Searches with AI Insight

Reliable and Secure Information Access

Seamless Integration, Effortless Collaboration

Scale with Confidence

Comprehensive Repository Integration

Are you finding relevant information easily?

Is it quickly accessible to your employees? If the answer is no, or maybe, you should explore iAsk.

Simple. Secure. Search

The early adopters are seeing tangible value with iAsk
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Higher productivity
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Secure access to the enterprise information

iAsk thought leaders and customers speak

Gen AI powered enterprise search across the organization data
“iAsk has made searching through our documents a breeze. We’ve gone from taking on average 1-2 hours a day of searching documents, to seconds.”
Vijay, Founder
Applied AI
“Using iAsk in house has revolutionized the way we think about our documents. Not only finding the information, but iAsk relating the information to the context of the conversation, is what really matters.”
Ade, President and CEO
Solvitur Systems
"iAsk transformed our document management. It simplifies searches, ensuring secure access with intuitive user roles, robust RBAC, governance. Seamless experience for us!"

Secure Connectors and integrations

iAsk seamlessly integrates with your organization’s existing document repositories and collaboration tools

Built to increase productivity of every team

Explore iAsk’s Versatile Use cases Across Departments 

  • Supercharge Sales Strategies
  • Boost Conversions and Streamline Marketing Efforts with iAsk
  • Efficient HR Operations
  • Transform Hiring, Onboarding, and Employee Management with iAsk
  • Optimize IT Workflow
  • Enhance Efficiency and Collaboration in IT and DevOps with iAsk
  • Responsive Customer Service
  • Deliver Exceptional Support Experiences with iAsk's Instant Information Retrieval
  • Streamline Financial Processes
  • Enhance Accuracy and Compliance in Financial Operations with iAsk
  • Accelerate R&D Initiatives
  • Facilitate Innovation and Knowledge Discovery with iAsk

iAsk thought leaders and customers speak

Explore Real-world Applications and In-depth Analyses on Productivity and AI Integration

If you are a federal agency looking for AI powered search, we have the right contract vehicles.

Increase productivity, save time with iAsk
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